Collins International Primary Science Workbook: Stage 6

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    Spark scientific curiosity from a young age with this six-level course through an enquiry-based approach and active learning. Collins International Primary Science fully meets the requirements of the Cambridge Primary Science Curriculum Framework from 2020 and has been carefully developed for a range of international contexts.
    The course is organised into four main strands: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Earth and Space and the skills detailed under the ‘Thinking and Working Scientifically’ strand are introduced and taught in the context of those areas.
    • A write-in Workbook linked to the Student’s Book , New language development activities help build science vocabulary
    • Earth and Space content covers the new curriculum framework , Thinking and Working Scientifically deepens and enhances the delivery of Science skills
    • Actively learn through practical activities that don’t require specialist equipment or labs ,Scaffolding allows students of varying abilities to work with common content and meet learning objectives
    • Supports Cambridge Global Perspectives™ with activities that develop and practise key skills
    • Publisher - COLLINs - ISBN - 9780008368982

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  • Category/Subject: SCIENCE
  • Board: IGCSE BOARD
  • Standard: 6
  • ISBN: 9780008368982
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