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READ & WRITE ARTICLE-151 Economics AS-Level P-1 (MCQ’s) Topical Worked Solutions By Imran Latif

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TABLE OF CONTENTS,UNIT-1 BASIC ECONOMIC IDEAS,Key Unit 1 Basic Economic Ideas,UNIT-2 DEMAND, SUPPLY & EQUILIBRIUM,Key Unit 2 Demand, Supply & Equilibrium,UNIT-3 ELASTICITY,Key Unit 3 Elasticity,UNIT-4 MARKET FAILUREKey Unit 4 Market Failure,UNIT-5 AD & AS,Key Unit 5 AD & AS,UNIT-6 MONEY, INFLATION, LABOUR & UNEMPLOYMENTKey Unit 6 Money, Inflation, Labour & Unemployment,UNIT-7 INTERNATIONAL TRADE,Key Unit 7 International Trade,UNIT-8 EXCHANGE RATE,Key Unit 8 Exchange Rate,UNIT-9 BALANCE OF PAYMENTS,Key Unit 9 Balance Of Payments,YEARLY PAST PAPERS ………………-ONWARDS,KEY ALL YEARS,

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