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READ & WRITE ARTICLE-227 Chemistry O Level P-1 (MCQ’s) Topical unsolved By Editorial Board

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TABLE OF CONTENTS,UNIT 1 EXPERIMENTAL CHEMISTRY,1.1 Experimental design,1.2 Methods of purification and analysis1.3 Identification of ions and gases,1.4 Multiple topics,Answers Section,UNIT 2 THE PARTICULATE NATURE OF MATTER,2.1 Kinetic particle theory,2.2 Atomic structure,2.3 Structure and properties of materials,2.4 Ionic bonding,2.5 Covalent bonding,2.6 Multiple topics,Answers Section,UNIT 3 FORMULAE, STOICHIOMETRY AND THE MOLE CONCEPT,3.1 Chemical formulas,3.2 Calculation of AR or MR,3.3 Stoichiometry,3.4 Types of reactions,3.5 Multiple topics,Answers Section,UNIT 4 ELECTROLYSIS4.1 Electrolysis of binary compounds,4.2 Simple cells,4.3 Multiple topics,Answers Section,UNIT 5 ENERGY FROM CHEMICALS5.1 Definition of Exo & Endothermic Reactions,5.2 Fractional distillation of crude oil & photosynthesis,5.3 Multiple topics,Answers SectionUNIT 6 CHEMICAL REACTIONS,6.1 Speed of reaction,6.2 Redox,6.3 Reversible reactions,6.4 Multiple topics,Answers Section

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