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READ & WRITE ARTICLE-231 Chemistry AS-level P-1 (MCQ’s) Classified/Topical By Editorial Board

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TABLE OF CONTENTS,UNIT 1 ATOMS, MOLECULES AND STOICHIOMETRY,1.1 The mole and the Avogadro constant,1.2 The determination of relative atoms masses,1.3 The calculation of empirical and molecular formulae,1.4 Reaching masses of empirical and molecular formulae,1.5 Multiple Topics,Answers Section,UNIT 2 ATOMIC STRTUCTURE,2.1 Particles in the atom,2.2 Electrons energy levels, atomic orbitals, ionisation energy, electron affinity,2.3 Multiple Topics,Answers Section,UNIT 3 CHEMICAL BONDING,3.1 Ionic bonding,3.2 Covalent bonding and co (dative covalent bonding including shapes of simple,molecules,3.3 Intermolecular forces, electronegativity and bond properties,3.4 Metallic bonding,3.5 Binding and physical properties,3.6 Multiple Topics,Answer SectionUNIT 4 STATES OF MATTER,4.1 The gaseous state ideal and real gases and pV = nRT,4.2 The solid state lattice structures,4.3 Multiple Topics,Answers Section,

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