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READ & WRITE ARTICLE-206 Biology O Level Notes By Zafar Sulehri

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TABLE OF CONTENTS,Unit-1 Cell Structure and Organization,1.1 Plant and animal cells:1.2 Specialized cells, tissues and organs:Unit-2 Diffusion and Osmosis,2.3 Diffusion:2.4 Osmosis:2.5 Active transport:Unit 3 Enzyme,3.1 Enzyme action:3.2 Factors affecting the rate of an enzyme action:Unit-4 Plant Nutrition,4.1 Photosynthesis:4.2 Structure of dicot leaf:4.3 Mineral nutrition:Unit-5 Animal Nutrition5.1 Nutrients:5.2 Diet:5.3 World food supplies:5.4 Digestion in humans:5.5 Chemical digestion:5.6 Absorption and assimilation:Unit-6 Transport in Flowering Plants,6.1 Water and ion uptake:Unit-7 Transport in Humans,7.1 Blood circulatory system:

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