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READ & WRITE ARTICLE-134 Business A2-Level Revision Notes By Kashif Aziz

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TABLE OF CONTENTS,UNIT-1 BUSINESS AND ITS ENVIRONMENT,1.1 ENTERPRISE,1.2 BUSINESS STRUCTURE 1.2.1 Local, national and multinational business,1.2.2 Multinationals,1.2.3 Privatisation,1.3 SIZE OF BUSINESS,1.3.1 External Growth 1.4 BUSINESS OBJECTIVES,1.5 STAKEHOLDERS IN A BUSINESS,1.6 EXTERNAL INFLUENCES ON BUSINESS ACTIVITY 1.6.1 Political and Legal,1.6.2 Economic Constraints and Enablers,1.6.3 Social,1.6.4 Technological (Including the Internet) 1.6.5 Other Businesses,1.6.6 Demographic,1.6.7 Environmental,UNIT-2 PEOPLE IN ORGANISATIONS,2.1 MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP,2.2 MOTIVATION,2.3 HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT (HRM),2.3.1 Approaches to HRM,2.3.3 Cooperation between Management & Workforce,2.3.4 Workforce Planning,2.3.5 Role of Trade Unions in HRM,2.4 ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE 2.4.1 Relationship Between Business Objectives, People and Organisational Structure

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