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READ & WRITE ARTICLE-138 Business A Level Paper-2 Topical Past paper By Editorial Board

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TABLE OF CONTENTS, evel Business Paper,UNIT 1: BUSINESS AND ITS ENVIRONMENT,1.1: Enterprise,1.2: Business Structure,1.3: Size of Business,1.4: Business Objectives,1.5: Stakeholders in a Business,UNIT-2: PEOPLE IN ORGANISATIONS,2.1: Management and leadership,2.2: Motivation,2.3: Human Resource Management,UNIT-3: MARKETING,3.1: What is marketing?,3.2: Market Research,3.3: The arketingmix,UNIT-:,OPERATION AND PROJECT MANAGEMENT,4.1: The Nature of Operation,4.2: Operations Planning,4.3: Inventory Management,UNIT-5: FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING,5.1: Sources of finance,5.2: Costs,5.3: Accounting fundamentals,5.4: Forecasting cash flows and managing working capital,DATA RESPONSE-EXTRACTS,O/N 08/P02/Q1 (Paperclips),O/N 08/P02/Q2 (CC Cosmetics),M/J 08/P02/Q1 (East Farm Wildlife Park),M/J 08/P02/Q2 (Ganmor Cars),O/N 09/P22/Q1 (Phonequip),O/N 09/P22/Q2 (Pedro’s Fish (PF),O/N 

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