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READ & WRITE ARTICLE-153 Economics A Level P-3 Topical Solved By Imran Latif

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TABLE OF CONTENTS,UNIT 1 THEORY OF CONSUMER BEHAVIOR,1.1 Law of diminishing marginal utility,Answer Section
1.2 Law of equi utility,Answer Section,1.3 Budget line,Answer Section,1.4 Indifference curve analysis,Answer Section,UNIT 2 PRODUCTION & COST,2.1 Law of diminishing returns,Answer Section,2.2 Long Run production function (Least cost inputs mix)Answer Section,2.3 Accounting cost and economic cost,Answer Section,2.4 Short costs,Answer Section,2.5 Returns to scale,Answer Section
2.6 Economies and dis economies of scale,Answer Section,2.7 Minimum efficient scale,Answer Section,2.8 Isoquant and isocost
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