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READ & WRITE ARTICLE-211 Biology As Level P-1 (MCQ’s) Topical Unsolved By Editorial Board

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TABLE OF CONTENTS,UNIT 1 CELL STRUCTURE,1.1 The microscope in cell studies,1.2 Cells as the basic units of living organisms1.3 Multiple Topics,Answer Section,UNIT 2 BIOLOGICAL MOLECULES,2.1 Testing for biological molecules,2.2 Carbohydrates and lipids2.3 Proteins and water,2.4 Multiple Topics,Answer Section,UNIT 3 ENZYMES,3.1 Mode of action of enzymes,3.2 Factors that affect enzyme action,3.3 Multiple Topics,Answer Section,UNIT 4 CELL MEMBRANES AND TRANSPORT,4.1 Fluid mosaic membranes,4.2 Movement of substances. into and out of cells

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