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READ & WRITE ARTICLE-214 Biology A-Level P-4 Workbook By Editorial Board

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TABLE OF CONTENTS,UNIT 1,Energy and Respiration (Section-A),Answers Section (A),1.1 Energy (Section-B),1.2 Respiration (Section-B),1.3 Multiple Topics (Section-B),UNIT 2,Photosynthesis (Section-A),Answers Section (A),2.1 Photosynthesis as an Energy Transfer Process (Section-B),2.2 Adaptations for Photosynthesis (Section-B),UNIT 3Homeostasis (Section-A),Answers Section (A),3.1 Homeostasis in Mammals (Section-B),3.2 Homeostasis in Plants (Section-B),Control and Co-ordination (Section-A),Answers Section (A),4.1 Control and Co-ordination in Mammals (Section-B),4.2 Control and Co-ordination in Plants (Section-B),UNIT 5,Inherited Change (Section-A),Answers Section (A),5.1 Passage of Information from Parent to Offspring (Section-B),5.2 The Roles of Genes in Determining the Phenotype (Section-B),5.3 Gene Control (Section-B),UNIT 6,Selection and Evolution (Section-A),Answers Section (A),6.1 Variation (Section-B),6.2 Natural and Artificial Selection 
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