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READ & WRITE ARTICLE-239 Chemistry A2-Level Revision Notes Series By Rasheed Ahmed

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TABLE OF CONTENTS,Unit 1: Chemical Energetics 1 Lattice Energy (?HoLE): 1 Born Haber Cycle: 1 Entropy ‘S’:1.1: Free Energy OR Gibbs Free Energy ‘G’:1.2: End of Chapter Past Paper Questions,Unit 2 Electrochemistry,2.1: The Relationship, F = L ? e:2.2: Identity of The Substance Liberated During Electrolysis:2.3: Electrode Potential,2.4: Standard Hydrogen Electrode (SHE):2.5: Fuel Cell:2.6: End of Chapter Past Paper Questions,Unit 3: Equilibria,3.1: Dissociation Constants:3.2: Ionic Product / Dissociation Constant of Water ‘Kw’:3.3: Buffer,3.4: Solubility Product ‘Ksp’:3.5: Common Ion Effect,3.6: Partition Coefficient Kpc:3.7: End of Chapter Past Paper QuestionsUnit 4: Reaction Kinetics,4.1: Rate Law and Rate Equation:4.2: Reaction Mechanism,4.3: Catalysis,4.4: End of Chapter Past Paper 

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