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READ & WRITE ARTICLE-291 Physics A Level P-1 Topical MCQs By Editorial Board

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TABLE OF CONTENTS,UNIT 1 PHYSICAL QUANTITIES AND UNITS,1.1 Physical quantities,1.2 SI units,1.3 scalars and Vectors1.4 Multiple Topics,Answers Section,UNIT 2 MEASUREMENT TECHNIQUES,2.1 Measurements,2.2 Errors and uncertainties2.3 Multiple Topics,Answers Section,UNIT 3 KINEMATICS,3.1 Equations of motion,3.2 Multiple Topics,Answers Section
UNIT 4 DYNAMICS,4.1 Momentum and Newton’s laws of motion,4.2 Non motion,4.3 Linear momentum and its conservation4.4 Multiple Topics,Answers Section,UNIT 5 FORCES, DENSITY AND PRESSURE,5.1 Types of force,5.2 Turning effects of forces5.3 Equilibrium of forces,5.4 Density and pressure,5.5 Multiple Topics,Answers Section

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