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READ & WRITE ARTICLE-294 Physics A Level P-4 Topical workbook By Editorial Board

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TABLE OF CONTENTS,UNIT 1,Motion in a Circle,Answer Section,UNIT 2,Gravitational Fields,Answer Section,UNIT 3,Ideal Gases
Answer Section,UNIT 4,Temperature,Answer Section,UNIT 5,Thermal Properties of Materials,Answer Section,UNIT 6,Oscillations,Answer Section,UNIT 7,Waves,Answer Section,UNIT 8,Communication,Answer Section,UNIT 9,Electric Fields,Answer Section,UNIT 10,Capacitance,Answer Section,UNIT 11,Electronics,Answer Section,UNIT 12,Magnetic Fields,Answer Section,UNIT13,Electromagnetic Induction,Answer Section,UNIT 14,Alternating Currents,Answer Section,UNIT 15,Quantum Physics,Answer Section,UNIT 16

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