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READ & WRITE ARTICLE-105 Accounting O Level Theory and Practice By M. Nauman Malik

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TABLE OF CONTENTS,PREFACE,CHAPTER 1 BOOKKEEPING AND ACCOUNTING,1 BRANCHES OF ACCOUNTING,1 ACCOUNTING EQUATION,1 Assets 14,1 Liabilities 14,1 Equity 14,1 Drawings 14,1 The Entity Concept and the Accounting Equation 14,1 The Dual Aspect Concept and the Accounting Equation 15,1 TRANSACTION,1 Cash Transactions 15,1 Credit Transactions 15,1 STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION (STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION),1 Statement of Financial Position (Horizontal Style) 17,1 Statement of Financial Position (Vertical Style) 17,REVIEW QUESTIONS,CHAPTER 2 ACCOUNTING FOR ASSETS, LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL,2 EVOLUTION OF BOOK KEEPING,2 RULES OF DEBIT AND CREDIT,2 LEDGER,2 ACCOUNT2 “T” Account 23,2 Three Column Ledger Account (Running Balance Method) 24,2 DOUBLE-ENTRY RELATING TO ASSETS AND LIABILITIES,2 EXAMPLE 24,2 BALANCING OF AN ACCOUNT,2 When should accounts be balanced? 28,2 TRIAL BALANCE,2 Uses of a Trial Balance 29,2 Why is it Necessary for a Trial Balance to ‘Balance’? 29,2 Trial Balance – An aid to Financial Statements 29,

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