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Cambridge Lower Secondary Complete Global Perspectives: Teacher's Guide By Kareem Roitman By Karem Roitman

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The Cambridge Lower Secondary Complete Global Perspectives Teacher's Guide is a simple-to-use resource that offers a clear approach to teaching the subject to help students get the most out of it and support them in developing the outlook of global citizens.
  • Print Teacher's Guide that teachers can pick up and use straight away
  • Completely covers the three-year Global Perspectives programme
  • Provides full lesson planning support to save teachers' time
  • Offers ideas for teaching in a way that enables students to share knowledge collaboratively
  • Written by an author, who brings a wealth of teaching experience to the subject
  • Benefit from an international focus and approach informed by Global Perspectives experts
  • Supports the Student Book, which fully covers the three-year programme and all the required skills

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